Eagle Metal Finishing, LLC - Milwaukee's Premier Metal Finishing Facility

Eagle Advantage

Eagle Metal Finishing was founded in 1992.

The size and scale of Eagle’s workforce and capabilities is uncommon in our industry. We employ 47 full-time employees, the majority of whom have been with the Company for more than 10 years. This tenure and low turnover among employees ensures not only that we have the capacity to service our customers’ needs, but that finishing will be performed by an experienced operator yielding a consistent level of quality unmatched in the industry.

Our 17,000 square foot facility, 20 non-ferrous polishing stations, 14 ferrous polishing stations, and 20 buffing stations provide ample capacity to meet the demands of our customers’ needs.

At Eagle, we view the cosmetic specifications of our customers as a shared vision and mutual expectations of acceptable quality.  Quality begins with our people. No other Midwestern metal finisher of which we are aware can boast the experience and tenure of Eagle’s employees. When new employees are hired, they are paired with seasoned polishers in an apprenticeship program that ensures our high standards of excellence are maintained

Eagle employs a team-based approach whereby small groups of employees specialize in certain part numbers to maintain optimum performance and quality.  Nearly all our products are 100% inspected to ensure we consistently achieve the standards of excellence and quality to which we adhere.

We consistently achieve an “A” grade on both quality and delivery from our customers